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first post!

this is a pretty simple look, and a recent one. in the first pic i'm wearing the same eyeliner design, but i had added to the lips.obviously ^.^

foundation- Maybelline "instant age rewind" in porcelain ivory.
eyeshadow- Milani's Silver
eyeliner- Maybelline "eye Express" in black ( this is my favorite liquid eyeliner)
lipstick first pic- lip balm, Hot Topic's Rebel in Red. and a coat of Rimmel's Vinyl Stars in Movie Star
lipstick second pic- the first one is a lipstick that is roughly the exact same shade as your lips, and matte.
blush- i use Bobbie Brown's "Sand Pink under my cheek bones, and a light shimmery pink over top. usually Rimmel's "Pink Rose"

i use Sonia Kashuk brushes, but any high quailty brushes will work.

first- put fondation on your eyelids and under your eyelids. it helps glitter, eyeshadow and liner stick and the colours show up better. since this is a light look, i put my foundation on all at the same time. i usually wait till i'm done with my eye make up though.

second- take a brush that's medium-thin, use it to make a cat eye shape using the silver. the point of the cat eye should almost reach end of your eyebrow. fill it in to the lash line.

third- i lined my eyes with medium thick line on the top, and a thin line on the bottom. you know the inner corner of your eye? that bit is pointed (but not over exagerated)and filled in. for the false lashes. start at the outer corner of your eye and follow the same slope as your eye, so it looks like a continual line. (so it's the same thickness as the top) the other two should be the same thickness, and get shorter. the spacing is up to you, the spacing between mine is about the same as the thickness of the lines.

fourth- wait till your foundation is dry, then put a light pink over the apples of your cheek, and dust a darker pink/brown under your cheek bones.

fith- lipstick.
first pic- i put a base of lip balm (a Twizzler on i got at walmart for ever ago), then i used an eyeshadow for the red . i put a coat of Rimmel's Vinyl Stars in "Movie Star". although, any shimmer red/red gold gloss would work
second pic- use a matte lipstick the same colour of your lips.

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