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Mia- Pulp Ficiton

foundation- Maybelline "Instant age rewind" in Porcelain Ivory
powder- i used a translucent powder, but anything that matches your skin tone will work.
eye brow pencil- i use Rimmel's "Hazel", but use anything that matches your eyebrow (or not, your choice there!)
eyeshadow- Rimmel's "Flare" and a no name light gold shimmer
lipstick- a true, bright red lipstick. or my standard red powder trick.
blush- Bobbie Brown's "Sand Pink" and Rimmel's "Pink Rose"
eyeliner- Maybelline's Eye Express in black
mascara- Maybelline's Volume Express in black (ok, i didn't use masca in this look, but i should have)

this is a really simple look, if you tone down the lips it would be pretty for a job interview because it's not to dramatic.

step 1- fill in your eyebrows only to the arch.
step 2- put foundation around your eye area and on your lid. cover the part of your eyebrow you didn't fill in with foundation.
step 3-  take your light gold and lightly dust it up to your eyebrow, should cover the whole eyelid area
step 5- Use "Flare", or any copper coloured eyeshadow, and lightly brush it up to just pass the crease. keep this light! this is only to bring dimension to your eyes.
step 6- take your liquid liner (or a VERY sharp pencil) and line only the top, sweeping it up at the end for a retro cat eye effect
step 7- whipe off any blue or silver  and put on your foundation, let that dry and put on lightly put on a pale pink blush on the apples of your cheeks and put a darker blush under your cheek bones, keep it light. just dark enough to make them pop out. but no race stripes
step 8-  fill in your lips with a true, red lip colour
step 9 (a step i didn't do)- curl your lashes and coat them a few times with mascara.

If you want to dress like Mia Wallace

cut/style/or grab a black wig that's cut in a bob style with bangs.

grab a necklace with a pendent

black scoop neck shirt with a black knee length skirt, or a black scoop neck dress that ends at the knees.

i wore flesh coloured hose with black seams up the back and a pair of black stilletto patent leather pumps
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